New Tallegg products and packaging increased Tallegg’s market share by 10%

10. January 2023

Last year, in spring 2022 to be precise, we started the renewal of the Tallegg brand, the first “chick” of which was the launch of spring-summer seasonal products as a special seasonal collection, i.e. in a special colorful chicken-camouflage (camo) pattern. The spring-summer collection was followed by a packaging renewal for the first time in several years – new packaging was launched in October with a completely new concept.

The new packaging concept is inspired by bright, playful colours and minimalist design, making it even easier for consumers to find domestic chicken products on store shelves. Different colours are used to indicate how the products should be cooked and consumed, so that even from a distance of several meters, you can tell whether the product is just for warming or for more thorough cooking. Meanings of colours:

• White/red – needs seasoning and cooking. Cook it yourself!
• Green/blue – no seasoning required, needs cooking. Quick to prepare!
• Salmon pink – no seasoning required, needs cooking. Half of the work is already done!
• Orange – no need to season or cook. Heating is recommended to achieve the best flavour. Just needs warming!

This year, the Tallegg snack category and sliced products will also undergo a renewal.

While until now we were used to find Tallegg’s fresh chicken meat in yellow boxes, now the chicken meat has moved to a new light pink plastic tray. The new box gives Tallegg’s fresh products a more cheerful and bright appearance, and is optimised to be as thin as possible to maintain the quality of Estonian broiler products while reducing the creation of plastic waste.

According to Janne Laik-Lõhmus, HKScan’s Marketing and Product Development Director for the Baltics, both the renewed packaging (in terms of both design and materials) and the products are highly favoured by the end consumer, which is clearly demonstrated by the increase in market share. In fact, Tallegg increased its market share in the pickled meat category by as much as 10% with its special collection last spring-summer, according to Nielsen. „Tallegg brand marketing activities in 2022 have clearly increased the strength of the brand image, as Tallegg’s market share in the fresh meat category also exceeded 20% for the first time. In all the other categories, the strong results are directly linked, of course, to very successful novel products and strong cooperation between the commercial unit and production,“ says Laik-Lõhmus.

At the end of the year, Kantar Emor’s Purchasing Behaviour Survey for 2022 shows a clear increase in price sensitivity in all food categories. Interestingly, it is fresh chicken that stands out, for which this year, more than any other, it is not the price that is considered the deciding factor, but a trusted brand. „Considering the fact that Tallegg is the biggest and fastest growing chicken brand in Estonia, this is a clear sign that we have done and will continue to do the right thing. Chicken consumption has been on a rising trend for several years, especially in Estonia. This is due to a growing preference for lighter meats, meat preparation skills, a wider choice in the retail trade and Tallegg’s market-leading activities in promoting lighter living and the production of domestic chicken,“ is how Laik-Lõhmus describes the popularity of chicken.

Tallegg’s autumn press event for journalists was also held in a brand new hall in Taju restaurant. As part of the colourful day, delicious chicken dishes were cooked on the bonfire and Tallegg news were discussed. „Tallegg is a domestic brand promoting a lighter lifestyle. We make things from our own to our own and we respect that. This is what we wanted to convey during the press event. The aim was to truly convey the essence of Tallegg, the new packaging concept, the ease of cooking with Tallegg products and one very good time together in a relaxed atmosphere. The aim was not to talk about Tallegg, but to get the participants to know the essence of the Tallegg brand. It worked!“ Janne Laik-Lõhmus is delighted.

Enjoy a lighter life!