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The best-known brands of AS Maag Eesti in Estonia are Rakvere and Tallegg. We are Estonia’s largest food and agricultural company and we consider our greatest value to be domestic food, grown responsibly, originating from our own farms and prepared to suit Estonians’ taste. Rakvere and Tallegg, our local brands with a long history, are loved by the people and cover our daily menu with their wide range of products. In Estonia, we employ nearly 1,200 people who work hard every day to maintain quality throughout our supply chain – from the farm to the dinner table. With the Tallegg brand, we are the only domestic poultry producer in Estonia. Our production units are located in Rakvere and Tabasalu, where we produce high-quality and responsibly produced pork, beef, poultry and processed products. Responsible business is an integral part of our strategy, which means thoughtful and meaningful action along the entire value chain, from primary production to the final consumer.


In pig farming and veterinary medicine – Ekseko pig farm, operating under our subsidiary AS Rakvere Farmid, is the largest pig farm in Estonia and is located in Viljandi County. We are committed to creating unique opportunities for talented young people, giving them the best experience and a boost to their professional careers. After a successful internship, interns also have the opportunity to stay and work with us for a longer period.

If you are interested in an internship at Ekseko, please contact:

AS Rakvere Farmid (Ekseko) HR Manager Kaja Kuus

In the field of logistics – as a large company, our logistics processes are versatile, innovative and interesting. In 2021, we opened a new and environmentally friendly logistics center in Jüri, Rae municipality. The center serves the whole of the Baltic States centrally, replacing the company’s previous sorting centers in Rakvere and Riga. Combining our processes in this way has allowed us to improve the quality of bundling of customer orders, as well as having the distribution centres of many major retail chains in close proximity to the Tallinn city ring road. The logistics center has 9,000 square meters of warehouse space (which can be further increased during the next construction phases), uses an upgraded warehouse management system (WMS) and modern tools. The center helps to significantly reduce its environmental impact, thus meeting the expectations of responsible business. The building is equipped with solar panels and an automated container washing line. The center employs more than a hundred people.

If you are interested in an internship in logistics, please contact