Scope and guiding principles of IMS policy

This IMS policy of AS Maag Eesti defines the obligations and responsibilities of the food safety, environment, energy and occupational health and safety management system. The policy is followed by all employees at all locations of AS Maag Estonia. The policy is available for the interested parties on the company’s website (;;
AS Maag Eesti operates and takes responsibility for the development of a well-functioning production chain “from farm to table”, constantly striving to reduce the impact of its processes on the environment, reduce energy consumption per product unit, meeting food safety requirements and ensuring the well-being and health of employees in the working environment.

Guiding principles

  • We ensure product safety through the risk assessment and prevention of raw materials, production process and finished product and the monitoring system based on HACCP principles. We are constantly improving the food safety culture.
  • We are reliable and customer-oriented and do not pose food safety risks to consumers.
  • We consider occupational health and safety to be an integral part of our core business. We all take responsibility in cooperation with the employees and management for the risks of the work environment, work accidents, preventive and implemented measures. We ensure the creation and maintenance of the safe and secure working environment in all operating locations by implementing measures to assess, prevent and avoid the risks of work accidents and health damage. In cooperation we constantly follow the consistent operation of the occupational safety culture.
  • We reduce the impact of our important environmental and energy aspects on the environment through the efficient use of resources and materials and the use of the best available technology.
  • We ensure compliance with legislative acts and good practices. We participate in the development of legislation with our practical knowledge.
  • We comply with data protection (GPDR) requirements.
  • We continuously improve, collaborate and share our knowledge on the topics of food safety, environment, energy and work environment and influence our personnel, suppliers, customers, consumers and other third parties to implement this through the correct exchange of information.
  • We require our suppliers, cooperation partners and third parties to comply with relevant food safety, environmental, energy and occupational safety requirements.
  • We prefer energy-efficient products and services in our purchasing activities.
  • We continuously improve our management system and develop our activities in such a way as to ensure customer satisfaction, environmentally sustainable and energy-efficient operation and occupational safety of the company’s employees.

The top management of AS Maag Eesti is responsible for planning activities and resources to ensure food safety, environmental protection, energy efficiency and safe working environment in all stages of the production chain.

Silver Kaur
Chairman of the management board
9 January 2024