Domestic broiler meat

The most important ones are our own. It is for their well-being that we wake up, work and care. That’s why everything we grow is grown as if for us. On our own fodder, made from home-grown grains, and under the care of our own people. Grown freely and responsibly. From our own to our own!

Tallegg, Estonia’s only domestic poultry producer, raises its broilers in-house – the chicks are raised on our own broiler farms, and at every stage of their growth, the birds’ menu includes feed produced in our own feed mill, based on domestic grains from local farmers. The only domestic broiler meat – Tallegg broiler meat – reaches Estonians’ tables from the meat processing plant, which is located near Tabasalu.

Tallegg brings broiler meat to your family’s table, with no reason to doubt its quality. Domestic broiler meat is always fresh and of the highest quality, coming from farms located in Estonia.

In the spring of 2019, the Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) recognized our poultry industry for creating a system of broiler chickens reared without antibiotics. As a result, Tallegg’s fresh broiler meat is labelled “Farmed without antibiotics in Estonia”.