Hygiene and biosecurity requirements at farms

At Tallegg farms, we have very strict hygiene and biosecurity requirements in place to prevent the birds from coming into contact with pathogens and also to keep them healthy. The high level of biosecurity at the farms and the correct hygiene procedures prevents pathogens from entering the production buildings and ensure a hygienic environment.

Farm staff and visitors are subject to strict hygiene and biosecurity requirements before entering the farm:

  • They must not have been at another farm for 48 hours prior to the visit
  • They must not have been abroad for 48 hours before visiting the farm
  • They may not have flu-like symptoms

In addition, the following hygiene and biosecurity requirements apply to workers working daily in poultry farms:

  • They must wash and disinfect their hands when they arrive at work
  • They must change their clothes and shoes when coming to and leaving work
  • Employees are not allowed to have domestic birds to prevent the spread of viruses
  • When entering the workshop, they must step on all disinfectant mats, wash and disinfect their hands, put on work clothes, a hat and special footwear. Different workwear must be used in each poultry house.