370 kg of meat travels to the Arctic expedition

24. May 2021

Tomorrow, on 25 May, Admiral Bellingshausen will start a new expedition leaded by Tiit Pruuli. The aim of the expedition is to draw attention to the climate problems caused by global warming in the Arctic. For a future common goal, HKScan Estonia, Estonia’s largest food company producing Rakvere and Tallegg products, have given 370 kg of domestic pork, chicken and beef to the sailors to be taken along to the trip.

When planning an environment-focused expedition, the wish of the expedition leader Tiit Pruuli and the other 12 members of the crew is that everyday life on board should be as environmentally friendly as possible. “Therefore, we stored 370 kg of domestic meat to the freezers on board already in Estonia,” Pruuli comments.

Pruuli adds that by consuming local Estonian food one can significantly reduce one’s ecological footprint. The local food has been grown and produced here in Estonia, thus it has significantly shorter supply chains and fresh and high-quality food is a bonus.

“As Estonia’s largest food and agricultural company, we have systematically worked on mapping our own footprint. At the same time, we are aware that our ambitious goals of providing healthy food, operating environmentally friendly, caring for our employees and ensuring animal and bird welfare require commitment and hard work. All investment decisions made in our company are also based on HKScan’s environmental goals. We have created our way of thinking as such throughout the company and are proud of it! That is why we are especially pleased to be able to contribute to the expedition with such an important goal,” Anne Mere, EVP Business Unit Baltic, company manufacturing Rakvere and Tallegg products, emphasizes.

Admiral Bellingshausen’s Arctic expedition has a team of 12 members, including the President of the Republic, relevant researchers and journalists.

The expedition is expected to last until October.

Additional information:
Kerstin Aps
Communications manager of HKScan Estonia
E-mail: Kerstin.Aps@hkscan.com
Phone: 52 47 583

Tiit Pruuli
Expedition leader
E-mail: pruuli@go.ee
Phone: 50 90 998