Classical broiler roll

E621 vaba EN Palju valku EN

Tallegg rolls have always been admired. Classical broiler roll is delicious and succulent. What is more- the roll is healthy and low-fat.


broiler meat (69%), water, salt, soy protein, acidity regulator E451, thickener E407a, sugar, glucose, vegetable fibers, antioxidant E301, scent and flavourings, preservative E250.

Product may contain traces of wheat, barley, egg, soy, milk, mustard, celery, fish and sesame seeds.


Average in 100g of product
Energy 437 kJ / 104 kcal
Fat 4,1 g
Included Fatty Acid 1,3 g
Carbohydrates 1,0 g
Included sugars 0,5 g
Protein 15,8 g
Salt 1,9 g


Ready to use.

Best stored at:

+2…+6 ˚C.

Ean Codes
  • 250 g: 4740046004568
  • 400 g: 4740046001871