Chicken fillet frankfurter with Edam cheese

Palju valku EN E621 vaba EN Eesti lipp Talleggi kvaliteet EN

Loved Tallegg chicken frankfurters are now innovated!

Chicken frankfurters with new recipe are now made of light chicken fillet and even more delicious. Suitable for snack or convenient dinner. New frankfurters contain a lot of meat (60%) and protein and thanks to low-fat chicken fillet only 9 g fat. Creamy and mild Edam cheese makes the frankfurters super tasty.



Chicken-broiler fillet (41%), chicken-broiler thigh meat (19%), chicken-broiler skin, Edam cheese (8%), salt, chicken protein, dextrose, spices, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, stabilisators: E425, E450, carrageenan, acid regulators: E262, E326, antioxydant: ascorbic acid, preservative: E250.

Product may contain traces of soy, wheat, milk, mustard, celery and egg.


Average in 100g of product
Energy 641 kJ / 153 kcal
Fat 9 g
Included Fatty Acid 4,4 g
Carbohydrates 2,1 g
Included sugars 0,7 g
Protein 16 g
Salt 1,6 g


+2..+6 °C.

Ean Codes
  • 360 g: 4740046011344