About the company


Anne Mere

Chairman of the Board

Margus Venelaine

Business Director, Member of the Board

E-mail: Margus.Venelaine@hkscan.com

Tarmo Toomela

Production director

E-mail: Tarmo.Toomela@hkscan.com

Eve Samuli

Director of the Poultry Breeding Division

E-mail: Eve.Samuli@hkscan.com

Andres Veide

VP Feed Production & Environmental Management

E-mail: Andres.Veide@hkscan.com

Relika Rohtoja

Personnel Director

E-mail: Relika.Rohtoja@hkscan.com

Tarmo Rei

Logistics Director

E-mail: Tarmo.Rei@hkscan.com

Irja Torstenberg

Purchasing Manager

E-mail: Irja.Torstenberg@hkscan.com

Triin Lõoke

Brand Manager

E-mail: Triin.Looke@hkscan.com

Heli Sepp

Category Manager

E-mail: Heli.Sepp@hkscan.com

Kevin Kaarma

Category Manager

E-mail: Kevin.Kaarma@hkscan.com

Priit Dreimann

Quality Manager

E-mail: Priit.Dreimann@hkscan.com

Kerstin Aps

Communication Manager

E-mail: Kerstin.Aps@hkscan.com