About the company


Silver Kaur


Sigrid Saareoks


E-mail: Sigrid.Saareoks@hkscan.com

Meelis Pihlak

Production director

E-mail: Meelis.Pihlak@hkscan.com

Priit Dreimann

Primary Production and Animal Procurement Director

E-mail: Priit.Dreimann@hkscan.com

Eve Samuli

Director of the Poultry Breeding Division

E-mail: Eve.Samuli@hkscan.com

Anu Kruusimägi

Quality Manager

E-mail: Anu.Kruusimägi@hkscan.com

Karl Kaljumäe

Financial Director

E-mail: Karl.Kaljumae@hkscan.com

Relika Rohtoja

Personnel Director

E-mail: Relika.Rohtoja@hkscan.com

Evelyn Hannibal

Personnel Manager

E-mail: Evelyn.Hannibal@hkscan.com

Irja Torstenberg

Purchasing Manager

E-mail: Irja.Torstenberg@hkscan.com

Janne Laik-Lõhmus

Director of Product Development and Marketing Baltics

E-mail: Janne.Laik-Lohmus@hkscan.com

Tiina Stint

Category and Brand Manager

E-mail: Tiina.Stint@hkscan.com

Arabella Arro

Category and Brand Manager

E-mail: Arabella.Arro@hkscan.com

Ave Karma

Product Development Manager

E-mail: Ave.Karma@hkscan.com

Karina Kruusimäe

Marketing Specialist

E-mail: Karina.Kruusimae@hkscan.com

Paul Zarodõšev

Director Retail Estonia

E-mail: Paul.Zarodosev@hkscan.com

Indrek Kose

Key Account Manager

E-mail: Indrek.Kose@hkscan.com

Ergi Lusik

Key Account Manager

E-mail: Ergi.Lusik@hkscan.com

Elin Paimets

HoReCa Manager

E-mail: Elin.Paimets@hkscan.com

Arkadi Kudrjavtsev

Meat Balance and Export Director

E-mail: Arkadi.Kudrjavtsev@hkscan.com

Mare Midt

Manager Industry Baltics

E-mail: Mare.Midt@hkscan.com

Kerstin Kotkas

Communications Manager

E-mail: Kerstin.Kotkas@hkscan.com